Benefits of Wearing a WiseWear Smart Bracelet

Looking for a reason to buy a WiseWear smart bracelet? Here are four amazing benefits of wearing a smart bracelet from the WiseWear collection:

1. Daily Activity Insight: Trying to get in your 10,000 steps per day? The WiseWear collection, paired with the WiseWear app, can give you insight into your current daily activity, including step count and distance, so you can up your step game accordingly.

2. Track calories burned: Not sure if you should have that extra piece of cake? With a WiseWear smart bracelet you’ll always be able to know how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day.

3. Stylish transition from day to night: No need to remove your WiseWear smart bracelet before heading out for the night. Our collection is the perfect accessory that transitions seamlessly from day to night. From the gym to the office to a night out on the town, our collection is fashionable and functional.

4. Peace of mind: Feel confident knowing that with just three taps to your bluetooth-connected WiseWear smart bracelet you can alert your emergency contacts if you’re ever in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

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Styling: The Calder in Rose Gold

No matter what your style, there is definitely a WiseWear bracelet for you. Each smart bracelet combines modern and elegant designs with innovative tech to keep you feeling safe, confident, and connected. Our bracelet pick this week is the Calder in Rose Gold! With edgy, bold links and a touch of playful symmetry, the Calder is versatile, yet daringly modern. Pair statement pieces like a leather jacket or edgy slip on sneakers for the perfect complimentary outfit to the Calder.

1. WiseWear Calder in Rose Gold

2. HM Biker Jacket

3. GAP Soft-spun Knit Stripe T-Shirt Dress

4. Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster Sunglasses

5. VANS Perf Leather Slip-on

6. Havana Rose Gold Plated Friendship Bracelet

7. Black Leather Designer Urban Backpack

8. Siren Stud Earrings


Shape Up: WiseWear’s Top 9 Fitness Essentials

We know getting motivated to go to the gym (or even simply working out at home) can be difficult. So we’ve compiled a short list of fitness essentials that we are sure will make your workout more enjoyable. From sneakers to protein bars, we’ve got you covered to get yourself in shape for the summer ahead!

The Sneaker: Swap out your typical tennis shoe with the newly redesigned retro running sneaker, the Nike Classic Cortez. We love sneakers that are different to what everyone else at the gym is wearing. Plus, with Nike ID, you can customize them to whatever color combination you’d like!

The Gym Legging: We are loving all of the different styles of leggings that have been trending lately. From mesh cut-outs to color block, there’s a style for everyone. With superior breathability and UV protection, these ones in particular from Free People are everything!

The Water Bottle: When you’re working out, having water nearby is a must. But having it in a super cool rose gold water bottle that keeps it ice cold for 24 hours is even cooler. It also keeps beverages hot for 12 hours!

The Yoga Mat: Investing in a yoga mat is essential to working out, whether if it’s at the gym or at home. Let’s face it, you don’t want to use the ones everyone else uses at your local gym, and why would you anyway when you can show off one with cool sayings like this one from BAN.DO.

The Post-Workout Protein Bar: We all know how important it is to consume protein 30-60 minutes after your workout, but the same old protein bar can get boring. Mix it up with this collagen protein bar from Kalumi. With flavors with names like Cocoa Kiss, Sweetie Pie, and Lemon Love, you just won’t be able to resist!

The Headphones: Exercise and music often go hand in hand. Music, for most, is what get’s us motivated to get to the gym, and it also helps get us through our workout. We love these pink bluetooth headphones from Urban Outfitters.

The Sports Bra: Finding the right sports bra for your specific needs can be super difficult and such a task. Sometimes it’s better to invest in a few really goods ones, like this one from Sweaty Betty, that way your gym session goes smoothly.

The Gear: If you’re someone who enjoys working out at home with very little equipment or doesn’t feel comfortable using weights at the gym, have no fear- resistance bands are all you need. Great for training at home or traveling, these are super great for toning and improving balance!

The Activity Tracker: We couldn’t make a list of our top fitness essentials without putting our WiseWear Smart Bracelet in! The WiseWear collection easily tracks daily and weekly steps, calories burned, distance, and active time with the WiseWear app. The collection is a match made in heaven for working out!

Ready for the Real World? Our Gift Suggestions for your College Grad!

Graduation season is in full swing and we know you want to give your college grad the perfect gift that screams “CONGRATULATIONS”! Since there are so many options out there we took the liberty to create a super easy gift guide so you can be graduation day ready! (Tissues not included).

  1. Happy Plugs White and Gold Wireless Headphones
  2. Almost Adulting by Arden Rose
  3. Calder in Rose Gold
  4. Novel Duffel in Apricot Blush
  5. New York Passport Case
  6. Apple MacBook in Rose Gold

Former Miss Texas International 2005, Breanna Allerkamp, Shares Her Story To Inspire Others With Cancer

FORMER MISS TEXAS INTERNATIONAL 2005, BREANNA ALLERKAMP, believes in taking full advantage of time. Married since 2012, Breanna and her husband Jim know just how precious time is since Breanna’s cancer diagnosis in June of 2012 at the age of 27. After being married for only a month Breanna was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer on June 4, 2012. Breanna remembers telling her mom, “I don’t want to die.” Her mom and her doctor both said, “you will not – we will fight it.”

After meeting with a surgeon and oncologist to determine her next steps, Breanna flew to the Cleveland Clinic to get a second opinion. In July of 2012 she had a double mastectomy and her port for chemotherapy was put in. Breanna started chemotherapy in August 2012 and ended in December 2012 after six treatments. She then started a year of targeted therapy with Herceptin.

Although the former pageant winner received a clean bill of health after her mastectomy, her treatment continued. After taking Tomoxifen, an estrogen blocker, for three years, Breanna came off of the drug in January of 2016 because she and her husband were ready to start a family. During this time Breanna returned to college and received her Masters in Business in May of 2016. In July of 2016 Breanna and Jim started IVF, but in August 2016 doctors did an ultrasound and found the cancer had returned and had spread to her pectoral muscle and lymph nodes. Doctors recommended that the couple not continue trying to have children due to the estrogen in her body as  Breanna’s cancer is estrogen driven and she is a carrier of the BRAC gene.

This time the cancer was Stage 3 and required Breanna to endure 16 rounds of chemotherapy. She will have surgery again this month and radiation will start 4-6 weeks after surgery, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

When asked about her future hopes and dreams, Breanna, of course, hopes to face the future cancer-free and possibly add to her family by adoption or surrogacy.

Breanna tells her story to offer her first-hand knowledge of the disease to help others as well as to inspire those who are going through a cancer diagnosis to have hope and to continue to live life to the fullest. She feels that positivity goes a long way – stay positive no matter how difficult it seems. You can do it!

Breanna and her husband Jim love to travel every chance they get, but are happy to be settled in their home with their beloved corgi, Hugo.

Fitness + Lifestyle Blogger GOFITJO Shares Her Fitness Journey With Us

Joanne Encarnacion, aka GOFITJO, is a fitness and lifestyle blogger whose main focus is to convey how important achieving self-love and self-confidence through fitness and wellness is for all the hardworking women out there. In addition to managing her fitness/lifestyle blog 24/7, she is also the mother to two daughters and in the process of becoming a certified health and nutrition coach. If that doesn’t scream #GirlBoss, we don’t know what does! Joanne took the time out of her busy schedule to let us know more about the inspiring woman behind GOFITJO, her advice for women juggling it all, and what she loves most about her Duchess smart bracelet.

1. Tell us more about you, your blog, GOFITJO, and how your fitness journey began.

Hello my name is Joanne Encarnacion, but I also go by Jo. I’m a fitness and lifestyle blogger from SF Bay area raising two beautiful daughters with my incredibly talented husband Jonathan. I’m currently becoming a certified health and nutrition coach and so excited to helping people design their lives around movement and proper nourishment. My life wasn’t always this way though. I’ve been working for as long as I can remember and when you’ve focused a lot of your energy on your career and building a life sometimes your own health gets put on the backburner. A little over 3 years ago I found myself battling with depression and realizing that it was caused by my lack of self care and focus on my health and wellbeing. I was getting ready for a Sunday family outing with my little family and as I was checking out myself for the final time in my daughter’s full length mirror, my daughter Airis, who was 9 years old at the time said to me, “Mom you look so pretty.” I quickly snapped at her and said, “No I’m not; I’m fat and ugly.” The look on her face is one I will never forget, I crushed her heart. In her eyes I was her queen,the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She took off running into the hallway upset with me. This was my “aha” moment. It all of a sudden clicked, how could I be the example of a strong woman if I didn’t see that in myself? How could I tell her she’s beautiful, capable and talented if I couldn’t even see that in me? This is when I knew things had to change. I started to change my relationship with food and exercise and began to truly see the effects of a healthier lifestyle that had fitness and nourishment as it’s cornerstone. What began as a weight loss journey became a lifelong journey of self development, growth, and continuous practice of self-love.

2. How do you juggle all of the responsibilities of being a full-time fitness/lifestyle blogger and a mother of two kids?

It takes a lot of support from my partner in crime my husband, organization skills, and a lot of heart and hustle. Aside from full-time fitness/lifestyle blogger I’m also studying to become a certified health and nutrition coach, which has got me spending most of my free time hitting the books. As the former Director of Curation at VSCO I’ve always had to juggle a pretty full plate especially working in the start up world. Part of that juggle is understanding that balance is individual and doesn’t look the same for everyone. I live off of my Google Calendar so everything from my workouts, family events, school tests, blogging, content/collaboration deadlines, my husband’s work calendar, and my social calendar are all in one place. If it’s not there, I get a little lost. I’ve learned to embrace life in the present, taking it hour by hour at a time. This approach has really helped me take control of a busy day and keep things from feeling to overwhelmed. Having an adaptable approach to a jam packed calendar is truly the key to balance.

3. What was your Aha! moment that propelled you into the world of fitness blogging?

High school was a tough period of my life. My folks moved around a lot so my relationships with friends were constantly shifting and changing. It always seemed as if my foundations were always shifting and because of that I turned to journaling and writing. I found myself sharing my struggles of growing up with depression to my church community during high school and its when I realized at a young age that sharing our stories of struggle was the the best way to heal and build a sense of belonging. When I started my fitness journey I knew I needed support. It was my first time embarking on something this big and I knew how much I succeed in it. At the time I shared my fitness journey on Instagram, I used it as a daily journal. About a year into my fitness journey I decided to start a blog and one thing really lead to another. Now it’s become a destination for inspiration and connection for some and it’s awesome!

4. What would be the biggest piece of advice you could give to someone who is struggling with low self-esteem?

Stop comparing yourself to others and remember that you’re amazing as you are. The hardest thing is that often times the causes of self-esteem issues are lack of self-worth. The best thing to do is to do a quick inventory on your life and the things that matter the most and bring you happiness and joy. Then ask yourself how do you get more of that into your life.

5. We know that a healthy mind equals a healthy body. With that being said, how do you keep a healthy mind/outlook while focusing on your fitness goals?

I practice gratitude daily. Most of my workouts begin with a 5 minute warm-up during that time instead of focusing on trying to turn on the “beast mode”, I focus on the things I’m grateful for such as an able body and my overall health. There are others in this world who are struggling to get out of bed due to some illness or those who were born unable to walk. Finding gratitude in the things we have currently have always allowed me to have a much more healthier approach to what I do in life especially my fitness goals.

6. Being so busy must take a toll on you personally. Tell us some of your favorite ways you like to unwind.

Some of my favorite ways to unwind include a workout, but in the moments that I can’t get that in or I’ve already done that for the day retreating to my bedroom diffusing essential oils while I meditate get me grounded immediately. Some other favorites are warm epsom salt baths, quiet dinners with the family, and walking around Target alone (yes sometimes this is one way I unwind).

7. As a mother of two young daughters, what is your advice to them on staying healthy and having a positive body image?

Often times in our house we focus a lot of characteristics that are not physical. My youngest who is 6 will point out the things she loves about her older sister’s personality. My eldest daughter is 12 and that is such a crucial age to start laying down the foundation to building a positive and healthy lifestyle. Because my daughter witnessed my transformation and was the catalyst to it, I don’t really give her advice that’s any different than I give a grown woman. We talk openly at home about the changes happening in her body at this age so that it doesn’t become a “weird” thing for her growing up. I think often times we underestimate the influence we have as adults on the younger generation and instead of giving them advice, we need to simply live by example.

8. We know you’ve been wearing your Duchess in gold. Tell us what feature you enjoy the most.

I love the simplicity of the design and the discreet notification alerts. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it as a bracelet and it always throws people off when I say it’s an activity tracker and tech device.

9. WiseWear is all about losing the screen, not the moment. Since most of your day is probably spent in front of a screen, how do you find ways to disconnect?

I set pretty firm boundaries around my tech time. During my workout sessions my phone is typically on do not disturb so that I can put my intention and time into my workout session. When I’m out with friends I rely on my tech devices like Wisewear to send me discreet notifications so that I can focus on the people I’m with. We all have a tendency to get caught up in documenting the moments we live in, but sometimes it’s about just living in the moment. And that is something I try my best to truly honor.

10. What advice would you give other women who are trying to balance motherhood, a career and a healthy lifestyle?

If there is anything I’ve learned from all the women mentors that I’ve had in my life, they are all simply trying to figure it out. We are all just wingin’ it and sometimes the best way to own your life and be the #girlboss in all areas of your life is learning that you can’t do it all and accepting that things won’t be perfect all the time, but you’re doing your absolute best.

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