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Looking for an alternative to your morning cup of jo? We’ve got you covered!

Waking up and grabbing a morning cup of coffee is basically a ritual for a majority of people. It’s either a comfort or a straight up addiction that is just too hard to let go of. So if you’re trying to get over your caffeine addiction or just want to try something new, we have 7 alternatives that can most definitely replace your cup of coffee without replacing the comfort and joy of drinking something warm when you roll out of bed.

Matcha Latte
This drink not only looks pretty but it’s full of antioxidants, keeps energy up, helps with focus, and also curbs your appetite. Some more serious benefits include prevention against certain cancers, viruses, and even heart disease. You can even add in spices like cinnamon or vanilla to make a tasty blend.

Tumeric Latte
This may sound bizarre but this superfood makes a delicious latte and has a ton of benefits that include anti aging! This latte can not only help with digestion and curbing sugar cravings, it also helps make skin smooth, helps protect against the effects of Alzheimer’s, and repairs stem cells. This latte is basically brain food and should be a part of every morning routine.

Green Tea
This tea has been around for ages and is chalk full of benefits. Replacing coffee with green tea can improve brain function, increases fat burning, improves physical performance, lowers risks of various types of cancers, and can even lower the risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The list goes on and on so why not add it to yours the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Lemon Water
Adding fruit to your water can be both super refreshing and beneficial. Lemon water is a perfect example of this, not only does lemon water help energize your mornings but it helps with digestion, easing upset stomachs, gives your immune system a boost, and also helps you maintain a healthy weight!

Peppermint Tea
This drink is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways due to its ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, aid in weight loss and boost the immune system. What’s not to like about this tea?

Chai Tea
This powerful blend of tea, herbs and spices has been cherished for centuries in India to preserve health and increase peace of mind. No wonder this drink is making waves for it’s awesome benefits. In addition to being delicious this drink improves digestion, enhances the immune system, fights inflammation and has antioxidant properties.

Oolong Tea
The origins of this tea date back almost 400 years when it found wide usage in China! It is a semi-green fermented tea that is used to sharpen thinking skills and improve mental alertness. It is also used to prevent cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Pour us a cup!

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