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Courtney Bentley: Inspiring, Empowering and Igniting Women To Make Fitness A Part Of Their Everyday Lifestyle

As a certified personal trainer, sports nutrition expert, behavior change specialist, coach and podcaster, you could say Courtney Bentley is the ultimate fit-spiration. Referring to herself as a “recovered self-hater,” Courtney struggled with her eating habits and fitness routine. After getting her body moving in the right way and treating it like a temple, Courtney discovered self-love. Through podcasting at Fit, Fierce and Fabulous as well as writing on her blog, Courtney has made it her mission to inspire, empower and ignite women to make fitness a part of their everyday lifestyle. After learning about her inspiring story, we recently had the opportunity to sit down with Courtney and find out more about her podcast, personal struggles, and her Fit and Fabulous Club!

WW: Your Fit Fierce and Fabulous podcast was recently created. What has been the response so far from your fans?

CB: I feel like creating Fit, Fierce and Fabulous was a way to deeply connect with my audience in a unique way. I consider myself an experiment in that I love meeting new people, researching and learning more about alternative therapies, exercises and nutritional avenues. I love learning and the ability to share experts, my experiences and stories through podcasting has been such a gift. I feel so blessed to have people who follow along and comment on the episodes on how each episode has connected with them or how a tip from an expert changed someone’s life. I love motivating people to think outside the box and focus on loving themselves and their life just a bit more each and everyday.

WW: You talk a lot about personal issues you have gone through in your life, is it hard opening up to such huge audience? Were you scared sharing such personal moments?

CB: No way, I feel like we are all human and that we all experience different paths, struggles and wins. The more I open up, the more I learn that I am not the only one. In a society where we are pressured to be picture perfect with happiness flowing through our veins at all times we only share those insta-worthy moments and that is just not real life. I love talking, so using my podcast as a way to share the struggles, to share the hard times and also how I got through each and every rough patch is such a gift. I also fee l like I can open up more and explain, using captions or writing makes it difficult at least for me to gather the emotion and share that, speaking really helps do just that.

WW: A lot of women in this day and age have problems with self image and love. Did you ever have a struggle with these issues? If so, what have you done to overcome them?

CB: Majorly, up until 23 years old I was bulimic and had a distorted image of who I was and what I actually looked like. I still to this day have to go back to my affirmations on days I feel bloated or feel low. I talk a lot about this story and affirmations on episode 008 if you are interested in a deeper understanding. Affirmations, meditation and going to the gym changed my life. When I work out I take all my negative energy and put it out into my workouts, I lift heavier, I move quicker and I empower myself through moving my body. If you feel down, take a moment, a breathe and go dance or go to the gym, this will release all those negative emotions and make you feel empowered and amazing all at the same time.

WW: We love how your podcast incorporates so many topics from mediation to how to dress for a Fit Fierce and Fabulous lifestyle. How do you come up with so many interesting topics?

CB: Thank you so much, I really try to bring on interesting guests who live their passions. When I go to look for experts or think of topics, I revert back to three main questions. What does my audience need in terms of living a fit, fierce and fabulous lifestyle, what does that involve and who is an expert in that avenue. I love bringing in strong, empowering women who support each other and are passionate about what they do. I think its so important to share our gifts and lift one another up.

WW: You’re so open with your podcast audience but what’s something that your followers may not know about you?

CB: I love music and at one time wanted to be a DJ and actually trained to be one. Music for me has been the one thing I can turn to whenever I need an instant mega boost. If I have to be up for a client and I am tired, I turn on some Black Eyed Peas and I instantly want to dance around and my energy will just boost automatically. I always tell people to create an instant mood boosting music playlist to keep with them and to have whenever you feel like you need an instant boost.

WW: Tell us more about your Fit and Fabulous Club.

CB: The Fit and Fabulous Club was created as a way to help more women get fit and feel fabulous. I was noticing a gap in flexibility with workout programs and ease of accessing a workout no matter what so I created that with a community, meal plans and courses. I wanted to create a community of women who were all over the world working out together and connecting around one subject. I felt like I was meeting so many women who were putting off working out due to schedule and lack of time so I wanted to make workouts that were 20 minutes or less, could be done at home and could be accomplished at anytime! Using my app, I send new workout programs every 6-8 weeks to my members along with meal plans that are quick, easy and effective. On top of that, I give live workshops every week to explain more about nutrition and movement demos so everyone feels like they have that personal coach to motivate them. I am working at this moment on a meal prep course where I take the members into my kitchen to learn how to cook quickly and make nutritious and healthy meals in minutes!

WW: We love everything that you’re doing! What can we expect to see from you in the future?
CB: In the future I would love to do a retreat or live event with a group of other women who are making waves in the wellness space. As of this year I will be 100% focused on my podcast, I plan to look into this avenue in the future as I grow and connect with likeminded experts in the wellness and health space. I love connecting with people in person which is why I would love to do an event or retreat so I can meet people and talk to them! Working as a solo-prenuer is awesome but lack of in person communication can be lonely sometimes so have that in the books would really help me see the impact of the work I do!

Be sure to check out to learn more about Courtney, her Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast and to join the Fit & Fabulous Club! Also, follow along with Courtney on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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