The S’s of Socialite – Silent Mobile Notifications


Connection. It’s something we all need to stay happy, healthy, and sane. As humans, our need to connect is just as fundamental as our need for food and water. Luckily, today’s progressive technology has made it easier than ever to share information, keep in touch with our loved ones, and stay up-to-date with the world… but, do you ever feel too connected to connect?

In 2012, Time magazine conducted an international poll that asked 5,000 participants about their relationships with their smartphones. You can click here to read the full-length article. Here’s what the poll revealed:

  • 84% of respondents said that they could not go a single day without their cell phones
  • 50% of Americans sleep with their phone next to them like a teddy bear or a spouse
  • 20% of respondents check their phone every 10 minutes

So it comes as no surprise that we are all virtually addicted to our screens to some extent. With new smartphone apps, features, and updates rolling in every day, there’s no doubt that these staggering percentages have only escalated to new heights.

With this growing problem in mind, our team of engineers thought long and hard to find a happy medium – to allow users to stay in touch without the fuss of constant, disruptive notifications. Circling back to our previous post, which discusses Socialite’s screenless connectivity, we felt that it was important to integrate a feature that would allow users to lose the screen, not the moment.

Socialite connects to your phone so you can receive real-time mobile notifications in the form of gentle vibrations. This includes incoming calls, text messages, emails, alarms, and calendar reminders. You can manage your list of pre-approved contacts, vibration patterns, and types of notifications on the accompanying Socialite mobile app. This allows you to filter out the unnecessary noise, and keep you connected to the people and things that matter most.

With Socialite, you’ll never miss another beat. The important ones, at least. Now you can stay connected without having to constantly reach for your phone.

In the wise words of Marlo Thomas…

“Despite our ever-connective technology, neither Skype nor Facebook – not even a telephone call – can come close to the joy of being with loved ones in person.”

What do you think about Socialite’s silent mobile notification feature? Or the fast-growing addiction to smartphones and screens in general?

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