Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 Gifts for Him & Her




Tis the season to love, and more importantly, express your love. We know – it’s much easier said than done. The quest for the perfect gift can be a challenging one, especially when flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries are now the bare minimum. Don’t fret! We’re here to help you think outside the box. Whether you are looking to spend some serious dough or are on a tight budget, we’ve gathered our top Valentine’s Day gift picks for both guys and gals.



1. Socialite Smart Bracelet by WiseWear. A gorgeous bracelet that combines smart technology with style – what more could a girl ask for? Geared with features such as activity tracking, distress messaging and mobile notifications, the Socialite smart bracelet will quickly become one of her most beloved and functional accessories. Beyond counting steps and such like your typical fitness tracker, this wearable will go above and beyond by keeping her safe. With a simple tap, she can send a distress signal to you and her loved ones when she’s feeling ill at ease. This includes both a text message and her geo-tagged location, so you know exactly where she triggered the alarm. Not to mention, its outward appearance as luxury jewelry is “both inconspicuous to would-be attackers and incredibly beautiful to observers,” stated Fast Company (read the article here). She doesn’t have to be a techie or fashionista to fall in love with this smart accessory. It’s a gadget that will benefit her health and safety, while keeping her connected to the things and people that matter most.

2. A Velvety Soft Blanket. This may seem unoriginal, but blankets actually make the best gifts – specifically the luxurious, velvety soft ones that most people aren’t willing to splurge on. A great blanket will always get used, never go out of style, and most importantly, last a lifetime. Choose a neutral color/pattern and the softest material you can find, like this ‘CozyChic’ Ribbed Blanket by Barefoot Dreams, and voila – she’ll be snuggling up with this household staple for years to come.

3. Adult Coloring Book. If you’re looking for ways to help her de-stress or perhaps refresh her creative energy, forget the massage certificate and grab her a coloring book instead! This nostalgic childhood hobby made a huge comeback this past year, specifically geared towards adults who often face high volumes of stress. There’s something comforting about coloring in between the lines. In fact, it’s been proven that coloring reduces anxiety because it prompts the mind and body to operate together in a more integrated way. These adult coloring books incorporate geometric shapes and calming patterns to alleviate stress and relax the mind. Consider it a form of meditation. She’ll love this Posh Adult Coloring Book: Inspirational Quotes for Fun & Relaxation by Deborah Muller.

4. A Luxury Silk Robe. Shopping for intimate items like lingerie can be awkward and intimidating, especially when it’s for someone else. Buying the wrong size may come off as unintentionally offensive. And let’s be honest – who really wants to spend hours sticking out like a sore thumb at Victoria’s Secret? Avoid the unnecessary headache and opt for a silky soft robe like this ‘Dahlia’ Charmeuse Robe by Flora Nikrooz. It’s comfy, practical and still sexy nonetheless. Whether it’s after a long day at the office or lounging on the weekends, there’s no doubt she’ll be reaching for this staple on a daily basis.

5. Workout Gear & Accessories. Every gal can always appreciate a stylish workout top or new pair of yoga pants. Even if she’s not planning on working up a sweat, it’s just easy to throw on some workout clothes and go. If you haven’t noticed already, more and more people are embracing the trend of flaunting activewear beyond the gym. Chic athletic apparel and at-home workout gear make great gifts that will encourage her to live a healthy and active lifestyle. If she’s not your typical gym junkie, gift her a slip-resistant yoga mat or a foam roller for post-workout massages. You’ll get extra kudos for promoting her health and wellness! Because a healthy girl is a happy girl.

6. Wine & Cheese Tasting. Just like you and your significant other, wine and cheese go hand in hand. Who can resist such a tasty pairing? Believe it or not, there’s actually a science to choosing the right wine and cheese to compliment one another. And there’s nothing quite like the combination to put you in a romantic mood. Search for a local guided tasting class, or head over to your nearest Whole Foods or Central Market. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, do some research and have your own personal tasting at home

7. Inspirational Stationery & Trinkets. Every now and then, we could all use a few words of motivation and encouragement to get us through the day… especially when they’re in practical form like this ‘Live Fully’ metallic journal or this ‘Think Happy, Be Happy’ glass trinket tray. These little gifts are thoughtful and let her know that you’re fully invested in her happiness. There’s nothing sweeter than being a daily source of inspiration.



8. Brewery Tour. If your man likes to drink beer and experience new things, then a brewery tour is a no-brainer gift! There are probably a handful of local craft breweries nearby that give tours followed by guided tastings, so you can get the full hands-on experience. This gift is a fun excuse to go on a day date, enjoy a few cold beers and learn something new together.

9. Accessories for Formal Wear. Generally speaking, most guys could use some help in the style department. Even if his go-to wardrobe consists mainly of casual shirts and jeans, there will always come a time when he needs to dress for the occasion. From weddings to office holiday parties, it’s your job to dress him to the nines for special events. Don’t let him walk out the door looking like he put his outfit together in the dark, especially if you’re his date! When it comes to the eleventh hour, it’s probably best that you avoid last-minute shopping, or even worse, settling for that hideous sports jacket his mom bought him in the 90s. You don’t need to splurge on a Giorgio Armani suit, but you can help build his formal wear collection with little accessories like these designer cotton blend socks by Nordstrom Men’s Shop or this Native Herringbone skinny tie by The Tie Bar.

10. A Set of Heavenly Soft Bed Sheets. If he still has his own pad, it’s likely that he doesn’t spend too much time sprucing up his living space. As you can imagine, men have only a few basic requirements for their abode: a bed, a couch, a bathroom and a kitchen. Add your personal touch to his place by gifting him some heavenly soft bed sheets. Check out this 400 thread count sheet set by Nordstrom at Home. If you spend the night often or if you already live together, then it’s a win-win gift for both of you to enjoy!

11. Tasteful Home Decor for His Space. Home decor typically ranks as one of the lesser priorities for most men. Ask him yourself – when was the last time he spent money on some new pillows or a luxury scented candle? Tasteful decor plays an important role in transforming any space into something more pleasant and enjoyable. Whether it’s for his man cave or office space, this personal gift will serve as a thoughtful reminder of you. For some ideas, check out this adorable Succulent Planter by Z Gallerie or this Seeded Glass Edison Table Lamp by Target. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own minimalist copper lamp or choose one of these 15 easy DIY succulent planters.

12. Hydro Flask. Don’t you hate it when the ice in your water melts or your coffee gets cold too quickly? Not anymore with Hydro Flask. This vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. Not to mention, it never sweats and is durable as heck (if it happens to break, it comes with a lifetime warranty). Hydro Flask also donates 5% back to a charity of your choice with any purchase.

13. Leather Goods. Anything leather makes a great gift for any man, whether it’s a belt, watch strap, wallet, gloves… you name it. No other material can compare to its durability, unique textures, coloration, or even the smell. It’s simply classic and timeless. Check out these gorgeous wallets by Will Leather Goods or this Cognac Leather Toiletry Case by Pottery Barn. Etsy also has a wide variety of affordable leather goods that you can get personalized with his initials or perhaps an inspiring quote.

14. The Art of Shaving Kit. Every guy needs to groom at one point of another. Make it a luxurious experience for him with these elegant shaving kits by The Art of Shaving. Their high-quality products provide optimal shaving results, all while helping to soothe and smooth their skin. Ranging from as low as $30, it’s definitely worth it to splurge on the perfect shave.

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