The S’s of Socialite – Signal for Distress


Let’s face it – as women, we’ve all experienced the unpleasant fear and anxiety of walking home alone after dusk. The casual catcalls and street harassment don’t make you feel any more comfortable. Then, there’s the thought of being approached by an attacker or being followed home. Improbable things happen. There’s always the slim chance of getting caught in a situation where your trusty can of pepper spray and/or self-defense skills just won’t do.

Personal safety and security is a crucial concern for everyone, but especially for women. Because of this, the WiseWear team felt that it was imperative to include a feature that would allow women to feel safe and confident at all hours of the day. Whether you’re going for a morning run before sunrise or walking through an empty parking garage at midnight, Socialite gives you the power to do it with confidence.

Our advanced security feature allows you to send a distress signal to your loved ones in times of potential danger. By tapping on your Socialite, you can send a discreet text message to your pre-approved list of contacts, along with your geolocation and sound/video recording of your surroundings. You can train your bracelet to recognize a unique tap sequence (think of it as a password) and manage your list of approved contacts on the accompanying Socialite mobile app.

At face value, this feature appears simple, but its uses are boundless. Besides the threat of a violent assault, there are a number of potential urgent situations where you can utilize Socialite’s unique security feature.

Accidents. Accidents happen all the time. Some can leave you immobile, while others can be near fatal. Either way, you need help – and you need it fast. For instance, if you’ve slipped down the stairs and find yourself alone at a standstill, tap your Socialite to let your loved ones know you’re at risk. Another example would be a car accident. In the midst of chaos and confusion, you can’t find your cell phone to call 911. Tap your Socialite to let your loved ones know you need immediate help.

Violence. In light of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we recognized that Socialite could serve as the perfect means to send a distress signal, in the most covert way possible. Instead of visibly reaching for your phone, tap your Socialite to send a tip-off for help to your loved ones.

Social Situations. Meeting a blind date from OkCupid or a stranger from Craigslist can be a hair-raising experience, especially when alone. The security of being able to quickly tap your Socialite to alert your ICE contacts (along with your geolocation) is priceless. Knowing that help is only a simple tap away creates a peace of mind that truly makes all the difference.

While these are only a few examples that demonstrate the usability and convenience of Socialite’s security feature, we are hopeful that the possibilities are endless. Can you think of any other sticky situations where Socialite would come in handy? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Georgia Manypenny says:

    Where can I get this bracelet? Just in case, I would want to buy one.

  2. Adrienne Brietzke says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have the bracelet. I ordered it for my husband who’s diabetic and has dka issues regularly, despite a strict regimen. Sweating, too much physical activity, a number of things can cause a dka episode and needs direct help immediately. It was advertised as a men’s bracelet. It’s much too small. Husband isn’t big, but wrist is 7 inches, bracelet is 6.5 inches. It’s quite snug in me. I’ve been trying to get it set up for two days. With no actual instruction. Just like this article, a lot of yak, no instruction. Like WHERE do you tap the bracelet for distress message? It’s nowhere in the small instruction pack nor is it in the WiseWear Apl itself under “distress practice mode.” I found something buried in a video that said tap the bottom of the bracelet. So far that’s not working. Had charged bracelet and lite showed green. So tried to pair it. Multiple times. It would sometimes DETECT the bracelet, but wouldn’t pair. No troubleshooting info anywhere on what to do. Finally hooked it back up to charge. The connection isn’t particularly good, so can clip it on and then just setting it down seems to disconnect. Light indicator shows red, orange and green, so not even sure charging. Got thru all this, with NO HELP from COMPANY on internet. Just got it tonpair. Now trying to test it. Not working wherever I tap it. Want to keep it for direct emergency contact, but that seems to come in WAY behind all the sales pitch on the WW site. Came to market in 2013. I’d think some of these issues would be addressed by this time. Company doesn’t offer extenders, so thought might use small strip of Velcro. But now we wonder if the clasp as to be clipped in order for it to work. Giving it a couple more tries. But probably have to return it because as a smart device, for the price especially, it falls far short of the trumpeting over it.

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