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8 Things That (We Believe) Boost Confidence

The word “confidence” shouldn’t be scary or something we think we can’t achieve. At WiseWear, our goal is to make sure every woman feels confident wearing our Socialite Collection, no matter where they are. But our bracelets aren’t the only things that make us feel confident (although they sure do help). Today, we are sharing 8 things that we believe boost confidence.

1. A Bright/Bold Lipstick

Who says it has to be a special occasion in order to whip out the red lipstick? Many women feel confident when they get all dressed up and wear a bold lip. So what if you rocked a bright lip color during the day? Instead of making a statement with your lips at night, change it up and make one during the day. People will love the fact that you are trying something different!

2. A Pretty Dress

Wearing your favorite sweatpants may be the most comfortable thing in the world, but we know they don’t always make us feel like we look our best. Try wearing a comfy, pretty floral dress when running errands. We promise it will make you feel like you actually put some effort into your look (even if you’re bare-faced or it was a dry shampoo kind of day)!

3. A Great Skincare Routine

Instead of piling on the makeup day after day and stressing out about covering up your imperfections, put time and thought into your skincare. When you carefully choose skincare products that are actually targeting what your skin needs, it makes your makeup application so much easier. Plus the better your skin looks, the better you will feel inside and out.

4. A New Haircut/Hair-Do

When you have been stuck with the same haircut or hairstyle for too long, it can become very boring. Sometimes you just need to try something totally different from your current do and take a risk. If you are someone with long, pin-straight hair, try chopping off those luscious locks (as scary as that sounds) and throw some beach waves spray in there. Or incorporate little braids to give your hair some contrast. Sporting a new hairstyle oddly feels like you’re a brand new woman and can give you a boost of confidence.

5. Buy Yourself Some New Shoes

This one is sort of a no-brainer and let’s face it, almost every woman is good at this. I think we can all agree that when you’re not feeling your absolute best, purchasing a brand spanking new pair of shoes cheers you up almost instantly.

6. Go Get A Manicure

Spending time (and splurging a bit) on yourself, whether it’s your nails, hair, or eyebrows, can make you feel really good about yourself. When you start neglecting your appearance, it tends to have a negative effect on your well-being. Set time for yourself once a week to go get a manicure (or even do it yourself at home).

7. Eat Healthy and Get Enough Exercise

Consuming a healthy, balanced diet and getting your body moving often go hand in hand. Both can be really hard to achieve, mostly because things like life and responsibilities tend to get in the way. But we must remember that when we take care of our bodies and give them the proper nutrients that they need, it allows our minds to feel empowered and to view life in a more positive way, thus giving us that boost of confidence!

8. Socialite Collection

So we may be a bit biased on this last one, but our Socialite Collection really does boost our confidence! WiseWear uses innovative technology to develop features like distress messaging, activity tracking, and mobile notifications. No matter where you are in the world, our Socialite Collection keeps you informed about your own activity, up to date with your loved ones, and most importantly- it works to keep you safe. So you can be confident whether you’re running to the store or vacationing far away from home.

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