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Top 7 Summer Essentials for on the Go

With the heat rising and vacation plans in full swing, Saurab’s here with your 7 summer season essentials you can’t wait to have. Now that summer is upon us, you’ll be finding us in the comfort of these items for the remainder of the season. Continue on for modest and splurge-worthy trends to partake in.

1. Socialite Bracelet. This smart bracelet by Wisewear is designed to keep you healthy, safe, and connected to what matters most. It tracks your activity, provides your mobile notifications, and is all concealed under beautiful jewelry. This summer season, the Socialite will empower you to feel your most confident on the inside and out.

Feel the glamour of the Duchess for $345.00.


(Image source: Wisewear)


2. A one of a kind digital picture frame. Access your photos from your social media platforms and create playlists of your favorite moments. The Nixplay mobile app connects to your frame so you now have the convenience to upload from wherever you are. No more memory sticks or cards;Nixplay is fully digital and wireless. You don’t have to be a techie to fall in love with this smart gadget. Be sure to check out customizable cases in various colors and designs to keep your device safe. This summer, stay connected with the frame that displays a lifetime of photos, instantly.

Check out Nixplay Seed for $99.99.


3. Unordinary Sunglasses. Summer is the time to play around and loosen up your style. Prepare for a hot summer and don’t worry about spending big bucks on designer frames. Go out to your local mall and find something that screams YOU! If that includes classic shapes and colors, then so be it. Just have fun with it and try something new.

Be sure to visit Forever 21 for fun and affordable pairs starting at $5.00 with this unique CatEye pair starting at $6.



(Image source: Forever 21)


4. Tote Bag. You may not even notice it, but your closet is probably packed with one of these. Find one that has a lighter color and tone to it giving it a summer vibe. It could be a vibrant pop of color, something subtle and neutral, or a beautiful pastel print.Want to really make a splash on the pier or around your shops?

Try the Betsey Johnson French Fry cross body retailing at $64.00.


(Image source: Betsey Johnson)


5. Casual Sandals. Looking for that perfect summer pair? Go out and look for something minimal with a small ankle strap. If you prefer to show off your vibrancy through your shoes, then by all means go for that bright shoe. Maybe you have on a vibrant colored outfit and you want to play it cool with your shoes, then we suggest a crisp white or simple black.

Be sure to be on the hunt for these Metallic Lace Up sandals from White House Black Market retailing at $98.



(Image source: White House Black Market)


6. Statement necklace. If your outfit needs some bling or you want to dress it up for that memorable date night, throw on a large necklace and you are all set.See Charming Charlie for great statement pieces.

The Seaside Bead Set is the perfect addition to your seaside looks for $15.00.




(Image source:Charming Charlie)


7. Solid Tee. This classic will never let you down. This can be worn rain or shine and can be dressed up and dressed down. Throw on a cardigan or blazer and make it a date night look, or leave it as it is and throw on some cute shoes and sunglasses, making it a casual summer go to look.

Check out H&M for some solid colored tees starting at $5.99.


(Image source: H&M)


There you have it, 7 must haves for this summer. Hopefully this list helped you focus on what is essential this hot summer season. Remember, you have to feel confident in order to try something new. Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone. What better time than summer to do so?

Now go grab that frozen margarita, because you’ll be equipped for a bold summer.


Author Biography:


Saurab Prabhakar is a SEO & Outreach Intern at the Marketing Zen Group, and currently writes content on behalf of the digital picture frame experts at Nixplay. He writes creative content and enjoys his work. You’ll find him instructing Group Fitness classes and enjoying great food. You can connect with Saurab on LinkedIn as well as Twitter@saurabspins.



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