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WiseWear’s Top 8 Must-Have Items For Summer!

Summer is almost in full force and we are beyond excited for hot days, beach getaways, and summer fashion! To celebrate, we compiled a short list of some of the essentials we can’t live without for the warm months ahead. Le Specs The Last Lolita in Black Vacation! Giant Beach Towel Odeme Cuba Libre Nail Polish Marais USA St….

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Quick & Healthy Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

In need of a healthy breakfast that’s both filling and nutritious? Perhaps you don’t have time to whip up that colorful açaí bowl you saw on Instagram the day before. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Join the world of easy healthy breakfast: overnight oats. Overnight oats can be prepared the night before in just 10 minutes or less. Here…

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GoFitJo Talks With Us About Her New (and Free) Recipe + Food Prep Guide

Mother, fitness/health blogger, and nutrition coach, Joanne Encarnacion, better known as GOFITJO, is balancing it all and just recently added one more thing to her plate. Between raising two daughters, balancing a healthy lifestyle, and sharing her fitness/health journey with us through social media and her blog, Joanne recently launched her latest undertaking: a totally free (yes you read that…

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Courtney Bentley: Inspiring, Empowering and Igniting Women To Make Fitness A Part Of Their Everyday Lifestyle

As a certified personal trainer, sports nutrition expert, behavior change specialist, coach and podcaster, you could say Courtney Bentley is the ultimate fit-spiration. Referring to herself as a “recovered self-hater,” Courtney struggled with her eating habits and fitness routine. After getting her body moving in the right way and treating it like a temple, Courtney discovered self-love. Through podcasting at…

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8 Things That (We Believe) Boost Confidence

The word “confidence” shouldn’t be scary or something we think we can’t achieve. At WiseWear, our goal is to make sure every woman feels confident wearing our Socialite Collection, no matter where they are. But our bracelets aren’t the only things that make us feel confident (although they sure do help). Today, we are sharing 8 things that we believe…

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Fitness + Lifestyle Blogger GOFITJO Shares Her Fitness Journey With Us

Joanne Encarnacion, aka GOFITJO, is a fitness and lifestyle blogger whose main focus is to convey how important achieving self-love and self-confidence through fitness and wellness is for all the hardworking women out there. In addition to managing her fitness/lifestyle blog 24/7, she is also the mother to two daughters and in the process of becoming a certified health and…

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Top 7 Summer Essentials for on the Go

With the heat rising and vacation plans in full swing, Saurab’s here with your 7 summer season essentials you can’t wait to have. Now that summer is upon us, you’ll be finding us in the comfort of these items for the remainder of the season. Continue on for modest and splurge-worthy trends to partake in. 1. Socialite Bracelet. This smart…

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An Inside Look: WISEWEAR x IRIS Launch Party

We officially announced and celebrated our latest collaboration with Iris Apfel on March 18 at the charming Carlyle Hotel, located in the heart of Manhattan. To commemorate this exciting milestone, we invited a handful of New York’s finest tastemakers and trendsetters to join us for a celebratory brunch and meet-and-greet. Attendees included Christina Caradona, Lainy Hedaya, Troy Alexander, Meaghan Hartland, Noelle Sciatica,…

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The 5 W’s Behind WiseWear

Welcome! First and foremost, we are beyond thrilled to launch our blog so you can get know WiseWear on a more personal level. After all, we’d like to think of ourselves as more than just a tech company… but rather, a resource in the community that touches on health, fashion, technology, and more. Our blog will feature a variety of…

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